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Hotel San Antonio Abad


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Ever since we opened the doors of the Hotel more than thirty years ago, we have been characterized through the years due to our helpful and friendly staff, clean and functional rooms. and our delicious breakfast.

We are located in the heart of Miraflores, the epicenter of tourism in Lima.  In Miraflores you will find the most sophisticated restaurants, stores, beaches, and cultural attractions.  Also, from here, you can go to downtown Lima where most of the historic attractions are.


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We are listed as one of the top 50 hotels in the city of Lima, and are currently regarded as ‘excellent’ due to our 4.5/5 rating, base on more than 1,000 reviews.



Our 8.7/10 rating gives us a ‘fabulous’ overall score, thanks to the reviews of more than 210 happy guests.


Google Reviews

Google regards us as one of the best-value hotels in Miraflores, due to our low costs and great reviews. We currently have a score of 4.2/5, thanks to 155 recent visitors.


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